22oz Bottles of White Chocolate Ale

We have extra bottles of The Sonoran White Chocolate from our 12 beers of Xmas. (not available in Ca). If you want us to set you aside a 22oz bottle or two give a shout out for $5 each.sonoran This is a very popular beer. If you can wait, we can hold until the Feb meeting. Let us know if you want yours.

Comment your needs on facebook- Santabarbeerians, or email Paul@explodingpig.com for a pick up time.

a brief history of barBEERians

Twenty Years of Zymerlogical Thrill Seeking
A History of the Santa Barbeerians
Chapter 1: The Beginning

Hearken back with me to the dark days before Barbeerians roamed the earth. The early 90’s, a less enlightened period when there was no Beer Camp, no Twelve Beers of Christmas, and damn few places where you could even buy a drinkable beer. Yet all was not darkness on the Santa Barbara homebrew scene. Continue reading


Neomexicanus. I received a shoebox full of hops and a scrawny looking hop rhizome in the mail in November of 2009. My sister lives in Questa, New Mexico. She told me about her friend that had found wild hops growing in the mountains there. He was cultivating them in his backyard and they were also growing a few plants in my sister’s backyard too. They are not brewers so they sent me a couple pounds worth of their fall harvest. Continue reading

10 Best Vacation Cities for Beer Lovers | Personal Finance News | Print Financial & Investing Articles | TheStreet

NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — Beer drinkers shouldn’t limit craft beer to part of their vacation. With enough planning, those IPAs, Hefeweizens and Russian Imperial Stouts can be their vacation.

There are 2,000 craft breweries in the United States, according to the Brewers Association craft beer interest group. That means there’s a great craft brewery waiting in just about every corner of the country. Think Montana’s a desolate, dry place? You haven’t tried a Big Sky IPA. Concerned about finding quality beer in Alaska? Taste an Alaskan Amber, Glacier BrewHouse Blonde or a Midnight Sun Sockeye Red IPA and fear no more. Continue reading

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout Q&A with Wynkoop’s Marty Jones | Beer & Whiskey Brothers

I did an interview for the Today Show’s website with Wynkoop Brewing Company “Idea Man” Marty Jones about Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout, a beer brewed with bull testicles. The beer started as nothing more a video hoax (the best one of this year’s April Fools crop, IMO) but then Wynkoop actually went and brewed the thing. Below you’ll find the full unedited text of Marty’s responses, which include some interesting insights to the decision making behind pulling the trigger on brewing a really weird, attention-grabbing beer and what happens after you do. Continue reading

November Meeting

Silly judging and the November meeting is upon us!

Bring your Experimental Beer (TEN, 12 oz. bottles) if you will be at the meeting by 2:00. We will be sending the beers home with El Presidente (to keep safe) who can only attend the meeting for a short time on Saturday. Print out your description that is the same as your original that was turned in last month. We will distribute them the following weekend, location TBD. This is being done so those who can not make it to the meeting can drop off their beer anytime between now and next Thursday (11/13) to El Presidente’s house. The address will be provided if you need it. Continue reading