August 2014 Mtg

Meeting will be Saturday Aug 9th at Jimbo and Nance’s at 126 Cooper rd. (One street over from Mesa lane). We’re the 5th house from the end on the left. Come through the front gate and through the front door or up the driveway and turn right and go through the red door under the driftwood arch. Don’t go through the big Asian Torrey gate at the end of the driveway, we have renters back there in our vacation rentals. 1 PM for Saison judging, 3 PM regular mtg, possible raffle and bring some food and beer to share.

At Fig Mtn in Funk Zone Thursday, April 17th

I wanted to let you know about a special event we have on Thursday, April 17th in Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co’s Santa Barbara Taproom starting at 6pm. Ignacio “Nacho” Cervantes, Head Brewer of Pizza Port’s Ocean Beach brewery, will be brewing a collaboration beer with our Brewmaster, AJ, this week and on Thursday evening he’ll be pouring samples from Pizza Port. This Q&A with Nacho will be a fun event for local home brewers. I’m hoping you can spread the word with your club members or let me know how I can promote this event to them.

Our Santa Barbara Taproom is located at 137 Anacapa St, Suite F in the Funk Zone.


Kady Fleckenstein
Brand Director
Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.

Lake Casitas Homebrew Fest In Danger (updated)!

I’m updating this with new info … see this link…

and this facebook page gives some good info…

Their main website is…

-High Gravity Bob

“I once said cynically of a politician, ‘He’ll doublecross that bridge when he comes to it.’”
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“Some quality there is in the whole Gulf that trips a trigger of recognition so that in fantastic and exotic scenery one finds oneself nodding and saying inwardly, ‘Yes, I know.’ Trying to remember the Gulf is like trying to re-create a dream. This is by no means a sentimental thing, it has little to do with beauty or even conscious liking. But the Gulf does draw one, and we have talked to rich men who own boats, who can go where they will. Regularly they find themselves sucked into the Gulf. And since we have returned, there is always in the backs of our minds the positive drive to go back again. If it were lush and rich, one could understand the pull, but it is fierce and hostile and sullen. The stone mountains pile up to the sky and there is little fresh water. But we know we must go back if we live, and we don’t know why.”

—John Steinbeck, Log from the Sea of Cortez

Beer Camp Details

Updated: Friday, June 7th



Dates: Friday, June 7th (7 AM) to Sunday June 9th (11 AM)

Location: Mohawk Shores group area Lake Cachuma on Hwy 154 (tell them you’re with the Santa Barbeerians)

Coming for the Day Only?: People coming for day use only should pay $10 and not take one of the overnight parking passes if they are still available when you arrive.

Parking: $20/night/vehicle Barbeerian charge for first 22 vehicles, $28/night/vehicle overflow (will be reimbursed for extra $8) – carpool as much as possible

Carpooling: If you would like to carpool with someone, email me at and let me know when you’d like to arrive and return and how much stuff you have.

Other Costs: One time $10/person/weekend for increased expenses or as determined by the President

Food: Friday and Saturday dinner, Saturday and Sunday breakfast

Dogs: Need rabies vaccination papers and park charges $3/dog

Activties: No swimming in lake, but they have a pool there and boating and fishing in lake possible

Raffle: There will be a great raffle of beer related items so be ready!

New T-Shirts: There will be previous as well as new Beer Camp and club T-Shirts for sale