“Some quality there is in the whole Gulf that trips a trigger of recognition so that in fantastic and exotic scenery one finds oneself nodding and saying inwardly, ‘Yes, I know.’ Trying to remember the Gulf is like trying to re-create a dream. This is by no means a sentimental thing, it has little to do with beauty or even conscious liking. But the Gulf does draw one, and we have talked to rich men who own boats, who can go where they will. Regularly they find themselves sucked into the Gulf. And since we have returned, there is always in the backs of our minds the positive drive to go back again. If it were lush and rich, one could understand the pull, but it is fierce and hostile and sullen. The stone mountains pile up to the sky and there is little fresh water. But we know we must go back if we live, and we don’t know why.”

—John Steinbeck, Log from the Sea of Cortez

Pico Brew

A Better Way to Craft Beer (pincher bugs not included!)

Why can’t we brew beer at home as easily as we can make a loaf of bread with a bread-maker, or a shot of espresso with an automatic espresso machine? Making quality beer this easily: that was the dream 3 years ago, and we’re proud to announce that after thousands of man hours of R&D, we’ve made that dream a reality in the form of the PicoBrew Zymatic(tm).

Automatic All-Grain Beer Brewing for the Home

I’m Bill Mitchell, CEO and Co-Founder of PicoBrew LLC. My brother Jim and I are avid home-brewers. We started PicoBrew LLC in early 2010 out of frustration with the state of the art: home beer brewing takes entirely too much time, is too imprecise, and frankly, when you account for all of the clean-up, is not all that fun. We wanted to make the creation of high-quality beer brewing simple, amp up the art, and tone down the tedium.

After 18+ years as an executive at Microsoft leading pioneering efforts in PDAs, smartphones, automotive and wearable computing I know a thing or two about creating computing appliances. Jim has spent much of the last two decades building innovative food processing plants in CA, following in the footsteps of our grandfather, Dr. William Mitchell, inventor of Pop Rocks, Tang and other fun foods.

We got to work quickly in early 2010 and began building a succession of Proof of Concept (POC) systems based on an off-the-shelf Arduino-based controller, off-the-shelf pumps, relays, valves and a custom heating loop.

Telegraph moving to bigger digs

Telegraph Brewing Company announced today that construction is underway on a new downtown Santa Barbara brewery. Moving from their current 3,000-sq-ft facility to a 10,000-sq-ft building immediately next door will enable Telegraph to dramatically increase production.

“This is an expansion that has been in the works for a long time,” said director of brewing operations Scott Baer. “We’re overdue for increasing capacity and expanding our tasting room, but finding the right building to grow into took a very long time.” Continue reading